The V7 Chord is the individual straight line that has dead state in the guess of music. RULES OF THE V7 CHORD........IT HAS NOT RULES

The V7 chord supports all tones chromatically, which means, a V7 straight line can be used beside any refrain delivery. The jingle does not have to have any tones of the chord, in fact, in idle words or precocious arranging, we endeavour for these "color tones". This is the merely chord that can that supports all extensions chromatically.

Using the V7 straight line as a permutation straight line. A fluctuation Chord is a straight line that is any inserted into music or replaces a chord in auditory communication. Why? Because we want to crowd in our music near intriguing harmony, color tones, or lately peer relinquish spaces.

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RULE.......Any straight line may be preceded by its' V7 straight line. The V7 is the easiest permutation to swot and use.

EXAMPLE of mistreatment the V7 straight line as a fluctuation Chord.

Here is the original music: CM7 | Dm7 | FM7| CM7|

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Now let's add the V7 transposition chords: CM7 | A7 Dm7| C7 FM7| G7 CM7

Now here's the fun! The V7 chords can be preceded by it's V7 chords. CM7 | E7 A7 Dm7| G7 C7 FM7| D7 G7 CM7

How do I use these chords? 1. These chords are faultless for unfilled repeat gymnastic apparatus distressing rear to the epic or into the chorus. Use a nesting of V7 chords to go aft to the IM7 chord. Example: You have 2 do again exerciser active into CM7 straight line in benchmark 1, use E7 A7| D7 G7. 2. Add V7 chords nether the air. This will also plague in measures that just have 1 or 2 chords plus will confer you that wind blast. Example. let's production Twinkle Little Star

MELODY: | C C G G | A A G- | F F E E | D D C |

CHORDS: |C-- |F-G-| F-C-| G-C-| Now let's add V7 switch chords:

CHORD: C- G7 C7| F G7 C C7| F G7 C A7| D7 G7 CM7-|

Notice in index 2 I adscititious the G7 straight line and the music is on the facts A. This is an information of changing the straight line to get a jazz sound, the harmony file A is the 9th of G. This is what we assay for in arranging and in jazz, victimization color tones or else of the 1-3-5 of the straight line. 3. Improvising on the V7 chord: Since the V7 chord is the lone chord that supports all extensions, 9th's, 9-, 10-, 11, 11 , 12-, 13, 13 , you can improvising on any personal letter of conclusion. In Classical Music it is the same, composers can use any song manner of speaking opposed to the V7 chord.

Here's a duo of tips for musical performance the V7 chord in the moved out hand: 1. As a comping chord frolic F, A FLAT, B D (7, 9-, 10, 12) OR F, G,A, B, D (7, 8, 9, 10, 12) 2. As a Tri-Tone Quartal, (great for folk song) F, B, E (7, 10, 13)

This article is somewhat simplified, but I have recovered if one can get an overall visual first, afterwards we can final up and revise tread by footfall. The V7 straight line is portion of our programme on accumulation replacement chords to arranging and idle words the ivories programme at



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