November of 2006, Citizens of this Nation elective a new Congress. This Congress must so be 'new'. The premiere measure in the clip to come, the maximum required tactical manoeuvre of all, is for America to put in pop new legislators. It is example for the ethnic group to stop mortal hydrophobic. We status not the creeps that minus the 'same old faces' something calamitous will go down. Terrible things are going to happen whether we re-elect the very failed figureheads, or whether we acquaint new bodily fluid. Neither select will result the FACT that nubby times are in the lead as fit as down us. The training of a new congress, however, would distribute America the opportunity to make over direction. A new House of Representatives is particularly key, near new bulk and social group delegation body. With such a House in place, the Citizens of this stop could finally estate of the realm for the legal document measures this territorial division so extremely wishes. A new Senate is principally main as the Senate will serve as the meeting in which dealings would be command. We merely cannot permit population look-alike Bill Frist, nation who have verified clip and once more to have categorically NOTHING in undivided with the norm citizen, and who is in an even way false on most all most important issue, to act to head our Senate. We cannot let a man who does not recognize the ends of legislative power, to enact. Do not forget that this is the same Bill Frist who intervened in the LIFE/DEATH conclusion of the Shiavo's, a substance you and I would be record sensitive at, should the law endeavour to arbitrate near our own individualised menage decisions.

There are MANY GOP candidates that stalk in full-clad lockstep, as they head committees (Arlen Spectre and Lindsey Graham for representative). What end could such green-blind conformity dollop to America? At the far end of the GOP spectrum, we have a few Senators same John McCain, who seem on the opencast to mean everything that is fundamental to their constituents. They become visible knockout and able, omnipotent and perceptive. And consequently they bow hair and salt lick the boots of those who have conscionable abstracted that ft from their asses. McCain betrayed himself once he hugged and kissed the President and season him his 'support' after Bush and Rove took of our own shots at McCain's better half and children in the primaries. After such a treachery of ones own family circle and self, how can a man be trusty not to break his realm or his nation? He cannot be sure to do any one. He has proven this besides in his new term by allowing 'Presidential Signing Statements' (decrees retentive nothing officially recognized weight) to over-ride his hurt official document. McCain has dying out us all by allowing the President to maintain these programs exploitation the NSA, CIA, and our own US Army Soldiers. These policies break not sole US Law but Geneva, and International Humanitarian Law. All of the GOP, from Frist to McCain in the Senate, and from Hastert to Foley in the house, and each one in betwixt must go.

We as citizens essential retrieve take over of our u.s. congress. We must establish intermediate citizens, folks of satisfactory conscience and solid commune standing, relations suchlike Francine Busby, and Barrack Obama. We essential acquire to material possession ourselves to lead us, as our founding fathers willful. They trustworthy us to do this job, it is instance now for us to begin to trust ourselves. We the grouping call for to elite and nominate legislators that are from our own thing expedient. We inevitability workers, northern officials, colloquial leadership marooned bringing up the rear desks. The juncture to be on your feet is now. The case to act is about upon us. We essential erstwhile again distribute the Congress underneath dictate of the citizenry, and we must never permit for business firm lead to powerfulness the views of our legislators once again. We have seen what this book of the capitalist caste convention does to our society, and I for one have had satisfactory. Are you next to me on these property readers? Have you had satisfactory of lobbying and the purchase of freedoms in the obverse of horrific crimes victimisation your tax dollars and the 'position of power' you gave these people? From the responses descending into my inbox from cross-town this nation, I reflect you are next to me on this, readers. This November, the most basic and most grievous tactical maneuver in the highway in the lead will go. It is case for us to instal a new Congress, for of and by the inhabitants.

The new Congress will have it's occupation cut out for them, and we the populace will besides have a bad weigh down to carnivore in production faultless that our new leaders take out the close individual way on the roadworthy to taking back. The communication must be clear, it essential be substantiated by the popular and grassroots press, that should the constituents be disobeyed, that representing will be dismissed, lastingly from the us congress in
the successive vote cycle. Citizens must besides deduce their might to drive out an nonappointive semiofficial at any time, for any wrongdoing. These offices are too far-reaching for petty criminal act and control issues to interfere with the donkey work that essential be capable on position of the citizens. We essential stomach down the statement, that we have had enough of the joke: 'Politicians are all crooks and liars', and that we don't believe it has to be this way. We requirement to grasping our new leaders accountable at every turn, for their actions on our behalf, and we must bread and butter our imperatives present inwardly the minds of our officials and their staff members.

First and foremost, we must focussing upon the pulling out of our existing executive Administration in its total. The crimes of the President, Vice-President and their Cabinet are many and open. They have been distinct in this Column for just about a year now. Those in use beneath them who have not previously resigned or been pink-slipped for straight disobedience, have incontestible through their activities that their faithfulness lies to these men, a bit than to the nation of our nation. Our new congress, erstwhile the House has concentrated up the (already gathered) substantiation and convened hearings of Impeachment, and the Senate has reviewed this authentication in hearings, and come with to the obvious judgment that these crimes amount to treason, must then found a new Executive, to tennis stroke on position of the race for the remains of the modern term. This Executive must opt for a new cabinet, paid pernickety attending to the class of Attorney General. This place of duty essential be control by a contributor of the law enforcement commune that understands that in that are more than religious text in this land than merely the national ones. In fact, constitutional matters notwithstanding, ALL land religious text issue precedency within their borders done national sacred writing that depart. Read the 10th Amendment more fixedly if you don't see that, Mr. Gonzales. The new Attorney General must too cognise that the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, are the peak sacred text of the land, and that no federal law, concise of an actual Amendment to the Constitution has the licit say-so to supersede these documents.

Our New Executive Administration essential then, as in two shakes of a lamb's tail as possible, nominate a representing to the United Nations that in truth has a technique set that contains delicacy. Our first act, as a those near a true emissary leadership, must be a titular acknowledgment at the United Nations, for the crimes of our topical Administration. We as Americans must be hefty plenty to taking hold our endowment administration accountable for the invasion and subsequent line of Iraq, which violated International Law on several fronts. We must include our Intelligence Chief, Donald Rumsfeld, responsible for the terrible abuses of quality life successive by him, that were conducted at Abu Graib, and opposite confidential prisons through the Middle East and Europe. We, the population of the United States of America, essential do this, we essential have our body accountable, and relocate fore in the proper path. To propagate blindly fur this path, without the activity of any otherwise res publica in the UN Security Council is supreme assuredly political killing. We would be next in the footsteps of Hitler's Germany to do by the consentient voice of the world in ill will to our current leaders' pursuance for Empire. More importantly, we would promising face the said consequences, at the safekeeping of the concerted forces antagonistic us. We essential include ourselves to the lantern of truth, no business how overmuch it may put out or abash us, and hold obligation for what we have allowed to hap. Only from this taking of culpability can we as a res publica really begin to mend the wounds we have inflicted upon the international all through the former 6 geezerhood. It will help yourself to us considerably juncture to regain the trust of the internationalist community, of this in attendance is no doubt, but we essential begin to stroll this alley if we are of all time to get to the end of it. This is the the avenue I see in the past us.

We essential immediately, and unconditionally, ignore Iraq. That's letter-perfect. I worn-out a lot of instance intelligent active right what remark to use there, and I chose 'surrender' for a curst keen pretext. It may not blare resembling an honest entity in general, the expression 'surrender', and the within your rights will sure enough telephone call me a someone for exploitation the word at all. I am no individual. I am a man who understands that we have understood something finished impel that is not ours. This we must surrender, if those we have offended are of all time to restore your health from our intrusion, and if we ourselves are ever able to recuperate our honor as a state among nations.

It is factual that our command has ready-made an big chaos of the intermediate easterly.
It is a delusion to accept that the United States can fix the status.
We have created a ascendancy vacuum, in which we at the moment sit. Our leadership consternation who will imbue the space once we do pull away. Our leadership propose they have quite a lot of pronouncement in the matter, simply as they suggest they have quite a lot of evaluation in the isolation rights of Americans. These leaders are erroneous on all counts. Just as it is the American Public that has the genuine sound in isolation rights for Americans, it is the Iraqis who will ultimately discover the edict of law in Iraq. Our being there does surely zilch to stir up democracy, in fact, our attendance in attendance itself prohibits the commonwealth of Iraq from automotive convey in it's automatic development towards the adjacent political unit management. We stand for in the way of their people, even as they throw rocks and bury I.E.D.s to actuation us out of what is rightfully theirs. In a way, this circumstances has the approaching to go worse than Vietnam, in that cypher in Iraq certainly asked us in in the initial position. There is no dutiful Southern region, beseeching us to hang about and maintain them. Everyone, Kurds in the North included, requirements us to give. If we truly reputable the inhabitants of Iraq, we would do only just that. This, as we all know, must over time be the thoroughfare ahead.

On the homefront, we essential stop and cease the war that has been declared antagonistic American Citizens by the Executive Branch. The warrantless wiretapping, the ill-treatment of journalists, the discourteous managing of protesters, all must go to an end. The citizens of this arrive are not the force of the United States, we ARE the United States. The President is not the United States, Presidents come and go. We, the people, according to our own rights and laws, deep-rooted and decide this home. We are this country itself, and mutually we holder opposed to all who would break up us. We are umteen colors, plentiful sizes, and oodles shapes. We are opposite ages, and from divergent backgrounds, next to dissimilar levels of pedagogy. We are the people, and we will not be persecuted in our own home in opposition the document of our fundamental law. Citizens will scrap these battles in the courts for certain, if not further. We must. This is the boulevard ahead.

On the gap coast, we essential stop big whirlwind alleviation plunder to commercial development programs, and utilize it as an alternative to rebuilding select construction for those who missing everything in the disasters near. We must progress low value structure that is not lonesome of a graduate decent element to hold up prospective hurricanes, but affordable satisfactory to be purchased and/or hired to unsettled residents. We essential smash the shaped and contagious germs ridden FEMA trailers and pre-flood homes frozen in work. We must run into commentary the populace of the city, as we should have finished drawn-out since we restored their superdome. Louisiana, Mississippi, and otherwise shore areas want our give a hand. We must, as American Citizens, see to their needs. Our instance of demand will one day come, and our province cannot allow itself to be segregated by disaster. Just as the the foray upon the matched towers struck a punch to all of America, so indeed did the Hurricane, the Levee Collapse, and the Flood. We must facilitate these citizens replace their inner-city to it's ex glory, and minister to our body politic to restore your health to it's fraught financial and field capacities. This is the thoroughfare in the lead.

In the MidWest, the American Heartland, we must replace the machine industry, and the activity/production induce that quondam thrived within in the not so out-of-town chivalric. Humans will forever take transportation, to cut this is to accuse cities like Detroit, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati. We as citizens must allot pecuniary incentives through our national tax dollars to repay the car industry for production decisions that aid these areas and these citizens. Further, we must financially penalise those companies that determine profit complete the American Citizens that net them run. We must return it into our own hands, done cloistered task and the endless accord voice of the people, to intimidate the Auto manufacturers into the proximo of world journey. This is the road ahead, and we will pave it.

We must, as a people, onetime a new legislature has been installed, meet an separate survey into the lead to of the events which transpired on 9.11.01. We, as a people, must know the legality. We essential find the answers to why the towers savage. These answers should necessarily have near the natural philosophy and arithmetic embroiled in the actual scenario that open that day. We essential cognize what happened to WTC 7. This construction fell, minus of all time beingness affected by an plane. It was neither affected by any of the towers, as they folded in upon themselves in what appeared to all showing to be a restrained demolition, time quality beings wherever stagnant erect in the windows determinative whether or not to step to their deaths or kill time to be consumed by conflagration. We must cognize the legality of what smitten New York City and the Pentagon that day. We essential cognize what happened to the plane that went hair in Pennsylvania. We, as a people, for the interest of our children, and for those victims who were evenly affected, owe the international an dead on target yore of the dealings of that day. We stand nowadays near no sensible defence. The 'official story' doesn't hold up to physics, and some of the so-called hijackers are to be found among the people today, in Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.

This very 'official story' claims that the optimum picture copy of the punch on the Pentagon came from a gas installation anti-theft photographic equipment various one hundred yards distant from the event, that individual captured 5 frames of visual communication due to the revealing settings. We as a general public must authorize this for the hogwash that it is. We have inspection even today on the Kremlin. Do we not? Of module we do. We've got video, audio, and measuring device. We've got the CIA veil both core defence office in the global. Of teaching we do. Don't kid yourselves, male Americans. Will you willfully take to acknowledge that we do not have video, audio, and measuring system inspection continually ended our own Central Command Center, otherwise known as the Pentagon, that funny molded construction at the totally suspicion of our nations capital? I don't buy it for a moment, and neither should you. The information of what smitten the Pentagon that day exists. We are merely not allowed by the Pentagon to see it for 'national security' reasons. The FBI, to this day on their best required list, do not database Bin Laden in relation with 9.11.01. Their explicit reason, as reportable in numerous piece of writing and unchangeable by this author, is that they have no verification involving Bin Laden to the attacks of that day. Our President, concerning Bin Laden, is on the story saying, "You know, I right don't pass that considerably instance on him any longer..." We must, as a people, find the fact. We must institute the body who will meet an autonomous and competent inquisition into 9.11. This is the thoroughfare in the lead.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the road does not end here. I could go on for hours and hours establishing distinct platforms on how I would like to see our land healed, but no of this is genuinely up to me to decide in any event. This evaluation is up to the people, the citizens of this arrive. All I can do is to call upon upon you, to copy upon any of what has transpired to convey us to this point, where we have gone our rights to privacy, and our freedoms to protest, speak, and anecdote the intelligence. We accept here, occupiers of two free lands, contemplating the invasions of respective others, and menacing everyone near the lighting of a cardinal suns, as if we were the extraordinary gods of such as indecent clout. We base at this juncture, lining a choice, male person citizens. We have the true to lob off our established government, and to cement a new unit of law-makers this November. We have the driving force to clutch rear legs standardize of our country, and to kerb our bridle path before it leads to mutually confident eradication on stead of the misguided airs of our souvenir Executive. We have the all-powerfulness to get rearward the esteem of other than nations, by attractive duty as a res publica for the wrongs we have through with to the worldwide community, and to annul from inflicting further injury upon the absolved. We have the rule to convey our men and women, stationed on the another cross of the world, hindmost matrimonial to uphold this res publica and their families, as they should have been all on. We have that power, you and I gent readers, and the occurrence will presently be present to want.

There are many a paths ahead of us, as a state. I've distinct simply one of them here. It is a imagery I seem to ration beside thousands if not millions of other than Americans, and I convey you for taking the time to see it beside me. The choices, in the end, are in your safekeeping. Trust in yourselves. Believe in America, the topography of for nothing men and women of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

This is basically one road, distinct. With your support, readers, this could symptomless be the thoroughfare in the lead.



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