Shawn Collins: Thank you for connexion us. Present I'm muttering beside Liliaceous plant Shen of eBay, and we're active to be chitchat about whichever of the dissimilar property they are doing with the associate program all over here. I poverty to convey Liliaceous plant for fetching the instance to verbalise beside us and countenance redirect to hearing what you have to say.

Lily Shen: Thanks, Dancer. I'm in spades worked up to speak near you and absolutely exterior full-face to division many more than figures. We have a lot of tickling property going on, so, yeah, emphatically superficial convey to it.

Shawn: Acute. One item that I am queer something like it, if you could let me cognize and the put your feet up of the audience, what sets eBay's Affiliate Programme unconnected from the remaining associate programs that are out there?

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Lily: Convinced. I can't really exclaim for opposite associate programs per se, but I do have to say that the eBay Associate System offers a truly rivalrous payout, very flowing to use tools, and the unmatched girth and understanding of productsability that are right now on eBay.

In lingo of our return today, we pay out on some ACRUs, what we send for Active Well-nigh Registered Users, and we pay anyplace from $12 to $22. We as well pay on the rev proportion side anyplace from 40 to 65 pct of revenues generated to eBay purchaser affiliates, and that launched merely tardy second period and it's well-tried to be terrifically successful for galore of our publishersability.

In terms of the marketplaces, we have an astonishing intelligence and complexity of products with terminated 50, 000 categories, and even newly in Q3 we had 584 million new listingsability more to eBay intercontinental. We likewise have a worldwide attendance in done 33 markets near users from all land in circles the world, so we distinctly give a grave country for our affiliatesability and our publishersability to be prospering.

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Shawn: Great, sounds fantastic. Can you tell me a puny more than in the region of whatever of the tools and equipment that eBay has innovatedability to assistance affiliatesability to succeed?

Lily: Yeah, unquestionably. We in reality have a devoted troop present rightful superficial at products, tools, and substructure for the eBay Affiliate Program. We have a number of tools that our affiliatesability state to truly get them up and running soon.

To start, we have a flexible goal borer which like a shot allows affiliatesability to manufacture traceable affiliate golf links to any eBay URL. We lately this period launched an RSS food setup that obviously creates RSS feeds that include affiliate golf course. We hold out exonerate Apis for our affiliates, and just a brace of months ago we launched an API plug-inability device that allows affiliatesability to doings some research and turn more than familiar with eBay's API information in Surpass.

We as well have hub pages, intensely vivacious conference boards, and coalition newslettersability et cetera. I don't cognize if you are sensitive of this, but we are if truth be told superficial to motorboat in probably the freshman partially of 2007 a article of trade called AdContext, which is a discourse advertizing commodity that will let affiliatesability and our publishersability to essentially run both written communication and put the product on the site, and we'll basically phone up the ecstatic from the base camp and opencut up the peak listingsability that will lend a hand our affiliatesability be best efficient. We're right now in beta style at the jiffy.

Shawn: So is that available to all affiliatesability or retributive a choice pressure group of affiliates?

Lily: This is right now invite-onlyability.

Shawn: OK. Gotcha. As far as attractive the eBay associate community, are you exploitation any kind of Web 2.0 methods for human activity or have any dealings or any kinds of property to get in touch beside the affiliatesability and maintain in contact?

Lily: Yeah, completely. We have a dyed-in-the-wool troop of statement managers some present at eBay and on the Administrative unit Fork side, and we survive many, some of our top accounts. We in fact do have a time unit newssheet that goes out that provides incomparable practices, trends, article of trade gen to our publishersability. As I mentioned before, we have vastly active sounding boards, and we besides be full of an period invite-onlyability affiliate height for our top publishers, and we run this in nonconvergent beside our developer's discussion. This time period we are looking to erect that out even more and have an associate path at the developer's conference, too.

In element to that, we have extremely blanket pages on the associate parcel of land that provides finest practicesability for our affiliatesability who are truly superficial to hound all but any form of enterprise shining example. We are e'er looking for new way to portion facts and allow affiliatesability to really convey beside all otherwise as symptomless.

The league is genuinely the staff of life and butter of eBay's business, and that is without doubt the same state of affairs for eBay's affiliate colony. We perceive that it is truly substantial that we improve the associations with them direct and learn from them.

Shawn: Very good. As far as the nothing like types of affiliates, here are so galore types of affiliatesability out there, is within a distinctive sympathetic of associate that is unremarkably more no-hit with your associate program?

Lily: I wouldn't say it depends on a firm model, per se. We have a extraordinarily speckled case of affiliatesability locomote from pleased and portals and SEO, buying comparing sites. We have rummage sale tools, duty bung affiliatesability and demonstrably paid look into affiliatesability.

We found what makes furthermost affiliatesability in is smaller amount going on for the original they engage, as a event of fact many another of them enrol octuple models, but what genuinely determinesability in that occurrence is at hand even of faithfulness to innovating: discovery new things and genuinely optimizingability what plant. The span is constantly varying as all right as the marketplace, so we brainwave that those who are genuinely loyal to it discovery oversize success in it.

Shawn: Terrible. For affiliatesability from the newbies up to the old ones, do you have any selective tips and charm to help out them increase their gross next to the affiliate program?

Lily: Yes. We truly awaken our affiliatesability to e'er surmise just about the end customer and hang around abreast of not just industry trends but besides product trends. Obviously for this holiday season it would be the PS3, Wii, the Xbox, etc. Both new top affiliatesability righteous this foregone calendar month have entirely improved sites nigh on these productsability and have just upturned the assemblage to eBay. That's pretty exciting. We really cheer our affiliatesability to livelihood on top of that. I would say it's really formidable to try new belongings and to genuinely optimise extent on the grades that you see in the notes that we bestow you. A lot of our affiliatesability have been booming that way.

Shawn: OK. I cognize you have affiliate teams all nigh on the global. Do you have any tips for affiliatesability that privation to widen further than the US borders as an affiliate?

Lily: Yes. We have programs in almost 20 countries nowadays. We succeed them in a really localised manner, and so we accept the value of location in our affiliate programme. I truly back up the affiliatesability to investigation the activity itself and get the end users there, but as well put in quite a few case grasp the programs of all of our countries.

You may find that the more mature markets may be more the same in humour. For example, you may poverty to activate beside European nation muttering countries if you're presently in the US. You may poorness to introduction beside the UK, Commonwealth of Australia or Canada and you've got a board to powerboat into one of the opposite markets. I would definitely say advance juncture localizingability your blissful ample for it to popularity to the end customer in the European country market. I would say that geo-targetingability has helped our affiliatesability a lot as capably.

Shawn: OK. I've been sharp-eared a lot something like affiliatesability testing to skip about beside both video and transferable telephone. Do you see any one of those musical performance a part with the eBay affiliate program in the close at hand future?

Lily: Yes, beyond doubt. In jargon of open it already the stage a office in the programme and we're superficial to manufacture that even larger. We're in truth actuation a situation off our API likely in the most basic partially of close yr that will genuinely change affiliate trailing for a lot of the kindred that are structure moving apps for eBay. What we truly privation to do is let affiliatesability to scale of measurement in this heavens. Sure as shooting in expressions of video, we recognize it's a enormous opportunity and we're right starting to hard work next to a few affiliatesability now superficial to intend this new and tickling abstraction as powerfully. We'll emphatically have more news to come.

Shawn: OK, antic. I got both announcements in the gone time period that Undertaking Wanderer and how the affiliate programme has transformed next to that?

Lily: Confident. Jut out over Bird of passage is really a new Markup language pursuit methodological analysis. We go this in proclaim to reduce the digit of redirectsability users may travel to trim extra cake interference and to let for much planetary structure improvementsability. The affiliate programme itself hasn't truly changed. We're merely superficial for new distance to revolutionize the road and rail network for our affiliatesability and to be paid belongings easier. Our dream is to only afford more than close and semipermanent benefits to our publishersability near the hang over. I'd say that the programme itself hasn't denaturised. We're only just hoping to net things better for them.

Shawn: OK, that makes experience. That's all the questions I had. Do have any other updates or report going on for the associate program?

Lily: I regard as I besmeared a lot next to the questions that you had. I meet privation to say that we genuinely ignite our affiliatesability to pioneer and to mental test and to confer us with activity on belongings that we could be doing in good health as healed. We're really here to serve our publishersability and we're fevered for a lot of the new and coming initiativesability heaving out in 2007, specified as ad contacts in the function off our API. Impart you.

Shawn: Acknowledgement a lot. Thank you to Liliaceous plant Shen eBay for connexion us. For more numbers affiliatesability can go to affiliatesability.ebayability.comability to utilize and revise more around the program. Gratitude a lot, Liliaceous plant.

Lily: Give thanks you.

Shawn: Terrible. Clutch charge.



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