In mitology and old philosophia, disposition consists of iv radical elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water. Allthough, B.C. philosophia is specious today, one of our existence sources is "Earth" that man grub it's products everyday, is much primal not merely for World but as well for Turkey nowadays. The new economic, geographic and social stipulations translate the distrubition of people over and done with Turkey, hence a new eccentricity becomes to plane which is called movement from villiage to urban areas can be traced to these iii sort of problems: Economical, Social and Local.

The archetypal motive of move can be explained beneath Economic hitches title. It is set that, a villiager can take in riches by limited way but more often than not by agriculture. Villiager has several difficulties around agribusiness today. One of this hitches is proportions of agribusiness areas they have. According to informations interpreted from Turkey Government Statistic Institute, most common fraction of business areas in Turkey is, lesser than 0.1 hectar, 19% of areas measures between 0.1 and 0.2 hectar, 32% of areas measures 0.2 and 0.5 hectar and almost quarter of this areas' mass is linking 0.5 and 0.9 hectar (Zaman , 2003). Dr. Karaata says, "According to researches, a villiager kith and kin requirements 10 hectars specialism in Turkey's system conditions, so 85% of our business areas is not sufficient to argue a villiager ethnic group." (Zaman, 2003) Moreover, mechanication in agriculture is a makeshift hang-up for villiagers and an eminent idea for migration. Technology and business machines matured simultaneously, by this means unemployement in villiages hyperbolic. As a result, because of imbalanced industrilization, municipality areas has go more sought-after for villiagers. This is plenty to be a grounds for motion to hard work as a hand at commercial enterprise zones.

Another origin of movement can be summarised by two words: Social Problems. Generally, Turkish villiages have own traditions and maximum of this traditions discriminate family, particularly women from after-school. With TV channels, this isolations are crumbled. Family members occupation until evening, after labour come up to house, while imbibition a soup, start on the TV. Scenery is: A cocktail, men and women drinks wine, they settle going on for problemless existence. Women are much relieve than villiager women. Erman says that, female who complex eighter at dairy farm or at home and lives at her husband's home, regimented by her relations wishes to be more hope in big cities. She is curious to be a metropolis resident and pep up his partner in this way("Köyden Kente Göç, Yoksulluk ve Kadın", 2001, gestation. 1). Moreover TV shows better off lives and villiager men realises that he can't be much wealthy than a granger and big ideals engineer the city much refined. TV supported inducement of town energy outcome move with powerful issue of outgrowth of population simultaneously near unemployement.

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The last event that causes to migration is around area teething troubles which are not pervasive for all move happenings done Turkey. Terrorism is record specified sampling for this theme. Terrorism is a riddle not single for Eastern Turkey but likewise for all of Turkish general public but, it is a malady for easternmost villiages's residents. Until Apo, who is the captain of divisive violent structure PKK has been caught by Turkish Officers, PKK was the peak useful nuisance for East and Southeast Anatolia. It is expressed that horror hitch menaces people's energy and their wealth. This danger twist somebody's arm the villiagers to migrate (Görentaş, "Türkiye'de Köyden Kente Göçün Siyasal Yansımaları", n.d. , parity. 14). Another local quirk is nearly organization employment in several areas. A small bulk of migrations are calculable from fewness of well-being and teaching facilities.

As sum as, colonization is the largest fault of Turkey which is best grave principle of unemployement, crime and decline of business. Unfortunately, Turkey is fundamentally late to progress it's economic sources to weighty industry. Most noted profit sources of our state are commercial enterprise and agriculture. So, movement woe has to be investigated and solved. During investigation, it is inappropriate to stalk a accomplished way near over-emphasing these 3 way.

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