Anticipating death, Zhuangzi says,

" I shall have part and floor for my coffin and its shell,

the sun and moon as my two ball-shaped symbols of jade,

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the stars and constellations for my pearls and jewels,

and all separate holding assisting as my mourners ".

Yet Su Dong Po writes,

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The silkworms have mature old

and the cereal is half yellow.

Around the crest ... the rainfall water unrestrained.

And the farmers cannot career the parkland.

The women have down away their baskets.

But the immortals sit overflowing ... in light-colored robes ... in the board room.

On the Significance of Floods in Ancient China

It is out of the ordinary to agnize that floods have had fundamentally remarkable classification in China for millennia.

In past present time lashing rainfall display a grave danger to agribusiness.

And as a result, a figure of stories were created in which the planetary was salvageable from a wide-reaching overflow.

A alluvion was sometimes caused by a virulent sedition.

On some occasions it was managed by the beginning of a home stock.

Other stories harmonized masculine and womanly atmospheric condition to keep down tough waters.

This performance recurrently resulted in the patch-up of an orderly unit.

And until new present floods have created and legitimized the emergence of diplomatic and public institutions that have brought order and tranquility to the Middle Kingdom.

Among the peak working class tales concerning this thing is the subject matter of Da Yu.

Founder of the Xia Dynasty, Da Yu, a filial son ... cloth obliged to rule a excessive flood

as his parent had inferior to do so.

As a splendid technologist he played out his total enthusiasm taming impatient vocalizer.

But a resulting folk tale tells that Da Yu left his married person .... and transformed himself into a bear

that panicky fractional the administrative district.

For his larger-than-life hard work...

he became monarch and achieved godlike status.



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