Spread Betting vs Fixed Odds Trading.

I'm involved next to mistreatment one of these trading systems - you'll immediately donkey work out which one.

Let's inaugurate next to Spread Betting.

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You can win a TON of MONEY:)


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You can mislay 2 TONS of MONEY:(

Spread making a bet is 'linear', you can either bet up or downward. The big downside is that you can be unable to find more than your opening share.

If you are into implant betting, later to me you are one of 5 types.

  1. MAD (you must be mad to stake losing more than your pilot portion)
  2. GREEDY (greedy ancestors get sucked into the 'instant riches' of spread trading)
  3. MAD and GREEDY (add the two above in cooperation)
  4. Very Rich (you don't attention if you lose, you are enjoying the rush of the hunt)
  5. A Professional trader (you issue calculated risks on trading, but likely produce utmost of your income from commerce your services to 1,2,3 and 4)

Have you worked out yet that I'm not a fan of Spread Betting?

Ok, now we transport onto Financial Fixed Odds Trading.

Not detected of it? I'm not dumbfounded.

It is protrusive to change in popularity as the declaration spreads.

Fixed Odds Trading (or indulgent)


  • You can win a ton of money
  • You cannot put in the wrong place much than your stake
  • Choose your own jeopardy plane (we all have a danger 'comfort zone')
  • Choose which activity to toil beside e.g. Indices, such as Dow or FTSE. Forex - in various diametrical markets. e.g. £/$ or $/Euro
  • More markets will be future on splash in a minute.
  • Set curb/loss triggers
  • Choose the case framing that you deprivation to selling in. Depending on the like of trade it can be from 10 mins to 6 months.
  • You don't call for to be a office dealer to generate savings.


It is betting, so you CAN suffer. The bookmakers wouldn't stay in concern for long if one and all won.

There is a research twist that you have to get finished.

I've discussed the research corner next to the leading maker in Fixed Odds. They say that the intermediate report is stirring for going on for 2-3 months. During that time, many new traders who don't genuinely cognise the ropes, be unable to find all of their stake money, bit by bit, and after rightful lessen mercantilism.

The Easier Way

There is different way and present within is the analogy next to circulation card-playing. Join a employ or political leanings which is run by professionals who cognise how to win best of the example. If any person ever tells you that they win all the instance later they are liars - direction well distant.

Most memberships run in the said way. They give researched trades for you to locate finished your own commerce story with the bookmaker, or sometimes inside a Club where the trades are located for you.

Membership employment lean to proffer trades inside trustworthy 'risk' areas. Remember that I mentioned all and sundry has a hazard consolation zone?

The last that the bookmakers will permit you to go is generally a 3% come flooding back. These are ultra harmless bets, but losses do pass off.

Then nearby is the harmless sphere of 8-12% instrument.

After that we get into the 20% to 50% instrument. These are the riskier trades and you will get a superior proportion of loses.

Then we have the 'brown trouser' trades that can be 50%

It is a natural job off. The complex the latent %age legal document then the highly developed the stake of losing. You have to chose your own symmetry.

It all depends on a) your jeopardy aversion and b) what strategy you poverty to enlist for increasing your revenue.

Two belongings that you involve to know now in the region of this sort of trading.

1. It is not accessible to US residents. Currently, the sundry convey and national pentateuch in the USA breed 'offshore betting' a exceptionally grey band. So the bookmakers will not let US residents to plain a trading information. I know that in attendance are a range of law firms sounding into this and it may change, but it will payoff a few months, at least.

2. If you fuse a sponsorship service, past you MUST factor in the time unit expenditure of the feature to your future takings. Do not engender the misconstruction of starting your commercialism statement too lilliputian. I would suggest a token of $2000 (£1000) and more than if you can afford it.

Now that is YOUR mercantilism information near the maker (they don't elasticity acknowledgment). You impoverishment to have adequate to be able to slot the standard offered trades and support several in reticence for the odd 'buy me now' job. I would propose staking 10-15% of your financial institution on any one profession.

I'll william tell you a express legend present and it is faultlessly actual.

A few weeks ago I was at a seminar in the UK and got conversation to a guy seated subsequent to me. We got onto the idea of Fixed Odds commerce and he told me that he had been a extremity of a healed know exalted speculate pay that polar shut up to £100 /month. He started his mercantilism edge next to £500 and it was all gone inwardly 2 months.

He had ready-made two mistakes. Joining a exalted peril service concerted with not having enough in his commerce bank to layer him through any losings. Unfortunately, his firstborn two trades were losers.

I don't give an account you that to alarm you off - in recent times so that you know the pitfalls and advantages of the bias services.

I could go on and pass you a lot of item roughly speaking Fixed Odds trading, but consequently this nonfiction would become terrifically long-lasting.

Ok, I'll come scrubbed - I do run a body employ (safe flood back) and I have a encyclopaedic Guide for Fixed Odds commercialism (80 pages).

If you poorness to swot by a long way much astir Fixed Odds trading past check out the relationship in my bio.

Graham Hawarth



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