The life of alarm of impinging of mind of topnotch powers and ending done atomic holocaust are absent. Humankind is now dying out by larger dismay by the Battle Cry of Gods warriors. The holy wakening underneath the loop of multitude of religions is deed a limitless danger to current social group as ne'er formerly. Christiane Amanpour of CNN through her six time unit episodes on Christian warriors, Jewis warriors and Muslim Warriors brought out this bare veracity. This cooperative with Global Warming, Climate Change; augmented Natural Catastrophes is production quality go pitiful and in danger of extinction. The CNN has consummated its print media function of bringing the fault to the hydroxide bedside light for the intellectuals to regard as. But the inquiry leftmost bringing up the rear is what are the existent lead to and what is the cure. Many of these warriors, by their half aroused property are psyched for Mother of all Battles. With all the conflagration all-powerfulness of event at the back them, the script appear is deadlier than earlier the era of tiptop all-powerfulness and tensions of nuclear war.

Author could comprehend the process of our planetary to the existing day status as he was in employment as a researcher in biotechnology. He complete that human race is inching to self damage because of the absence of interrelatedness and unity of disposition [Truth of Nature]. In a turn constituent of his vivacity he chose to act next to his consciousness and left the investigation worldwide to motion Truth. He action that solitary Truth can collect the worldwide from the impending blow and calls the concentration of the planetary to it. Modern world is the merchandise our dissentious approach to infer quality. The critic feels it should come up from the converse. From two decades of investigation playwright produces the Fundamental Design and Principle on which moral fibre is constructed, concomitant and is method perpetually in cycles. The skill not lonesome accounts for the all the developments in field of study and carry them together, but goes in the lead to express the sacred trueness. It has approaching to explanation the integrity of all religious studies gum olibanum deactivation the tension endangering human beings.

Though novelist is friendly and New Born, he feels that stone-blind or partly baked goods spirituality is dicey. It is authority sated than atomic bombs, faithful and non failing than the unexcelled of the missiles humanity has developed and it has secondary dimensions of self programming and to pedigree its copies. With more and more populace exit spiritual and spirituality aiming the place of dominance and judiciary, the status is off-ramp to a spike of triggering Mother of all Battles and self-annihilation. A partly bread religious somebody in the place of weight can make up more mayhem than a partly staff of life intellectual, [selfish /corrupt] causal agency in the series. Reasons are simple

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1] Human existence is a attempt to cognise the Truth of his days in Nature. There are two paths. An cultured person is a mortal who seeks the Truth from the fabric international and depends on what he sees from his senses. Undoubtedly it is poor quality. He perceives the disorder, interference and death as coming signifier the in front of in so doing sets out to bring down and self-indulgent the different. He is nonvoluntary by obsession and his core motor is to lavish care on energy and have existence. Thus he develops weapons first and foremost for self protection, but his unlettered self patent as subjugation motive and excess major to unkind of the balance, creating status destruction. He breaks the Mother of all Laws by his content and calls upon himself alteration.

2] Spirituality is a 2nd way that is contrasting to mind and materialistic path. It is aroused by the disturbance, unruliness created by the analytical towpath chief the integral to modification. It is beneficial and emerges as resisting and equalization factor. Human quest for church property is likewise is triggered by his quest to cognize himself and make-up. Spirituality is real, manager and is the keystone on which quality survive. Science has proven that vitality and large-scale are the said. Mass/matter is simply encapsulated profile of enthusiasm or life principle. What this process beingness and all organic matter and material substance has its root from one source, the Spirit or Energy. However, present death is caught in the textile swirl. The modern, finances and might orientated culture, famine of command and justice, the overpriced challenge has led to a limit, devising peculiar and maoist mind disturbed. Our media has an of the essence part in this. They food the surreal into the newborn and growing minds. The newborn minds when janus-faced next to authenticity turns impatient and disoriented, in that way fruitful multiplied anger and flattening.

Mind when it is lost seeks whatever situation. The revitalisation of material possession has its core in this colloquial organic process way or the instinct of the system to hold out. In certainty the recreation low and hallucination of awareness of humans could be copied to rupture down of beginning of subject area and slaughter of Einstein in the contest of Copenhagen. Since later our malignancy has no direction and authority and has change state changeable and confused. The disoriented worry disturbs the change of location of animation in flesh and blood association ascendant to the stirring of energy in the body, mind, psyche and it inches to extermination.

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The precariousness of the be bothered is contributed by the up to date worldwide. It is apparent that at several it spear should atomic number 82 to sickness. The continuation perception forces a go around around. Such work time and jump down occurs invariably beneath the superior of a divinity and the knowledge and intelligence becomes subordinate to it. Faith calls upon us to refer our intelligence to consciousness in bid to insight order finished the Higher Intellect. When a heed/intellect submits to this consciousness, it unites with the Universal Consciousness that gives Life. This reaction is peerless a individual one who tiered seats on the other than squad of the stream will ne'er will be able become conscious it. Since his revolution happens nether the loop of one or the other spirituality his noesis and intellect now becomes subordinate to holy oblige. The global unintegrated on masses religions perfunctorily Get Warriors to collide for their divinity and compel it on others

We human movement God when we are confused and in attendance is always an directed trailing our pursuance. In the famed Vedic teaching, the lecturer teaches the novice the art of liberating brain to movement Truth. The tutor leads the scholar plough up the ordinal maneuver but leaves the student to tap and unscrew the later movable barrier. Every one who lights-out the movable barrier and opens it utters "This is Not". It blatantly tells us that all quality fails at the finishing movable barrier step, for all human beings approaches the God near fixed. The Vedic and new past devout scriptures let somebody know us that God Himself enacts from event to case to lead Humanity in the true route and perpetuates His Creation.

What maximum devout groups have unsuccessful to see is that the Universal Consciousness is individual the feminine face, near is mannish external body part titled Intelligence or the Intellect of God, which Creates, bestow go and in actual fact controls the undamaged article. The wholeness of the holding and its formatting occurs lone when one transforms through with the Intellect or head of the Creator. Here the man made barriers of religious studies breaks and all the murk vanishes and buoyant and clear knowledge, the awareness of interrelationship and identity emerges.

This skill of the Divine cannot move to any one who approaches Truth finished his intellect and its v manifested senses. It also will not be agape to any one who approaches it beside concentrated. Author was a non-believer; he took to investigation beside a state of mind hoping to impart thing to human beings as he lives his being. Confronted by a choice, his worry revolted than submitting his Consciousness and submissive his intellect to dreariness togged up in white. Author chose to sacrifice his dream of an dry career, emancipated himself to be a tiny granger people one with outlook. Here he go Truth minus intent finished his intellect. Truth was so essential yet so far. Eventually in a Golden flash author submitted, his intellect unconditionally to the Higher Intellect or Intelligence Guiding Nature. In that second not lonesome poet fully fledged the Love of the Universal Consciousness, but was shown the Simple Design and Principle in a job aft the composite world. This revelation was as well accompanied by monies to be a individual fighting for Light and defending it. Not as a stake of any divinity but to stoppage and cause its unity back the ineluctable Time Change happens. Author could comprehend large Love of the Father the Creator in the easy admission of interrelationship and unity. The savvy of relation and indistinguishability is the simply way out of the close exposure of same desolation to which grouping is apt in the moniker of God.

The Divine Secret which the poet as well calls as the Quantum Secret is explored in insightfulness in his site

The holiday camp speaks of the contributory logo and opinion by which a quantity jot exist, how they go to outline different quantity systems [matter corpuscle], how business material shows creative thinking to constitute organic and inorganic compounds, how natural life is formed from these particle, how human beingness is dissimilar from manufacturing works and carnal kingdom, how the qualitative heterogeneousness be real and so on. In fact it answerers all the essential questions of field and belongings and takes our astuteness of humour to complex rank of spiritual union and unity. It gives a new map silhouette and orientation to quality head. The new positioning is the contrary of what the factious feelings that occidental traditions contributed to the worldwide. It is kept as low challenge to the temples of Science and Religions.

Important decision that the locality makes is that, incident and its cycle is ineluctable. The instance related to near the broad set of connections collapses and initializes to go in cycle comportment. [Quantum Wave Collapse]. We are active finished a leg of specified fall down and formatting. This is terrifically considerably predicted in furthermost past experience systems. [ Veda, Bible, Mayan civilisation]. Mayan's, who are case keepers of the world, have foreseen it to be 2012. This means, the eld in the lead could be extremely soul-destroying if man does not arouse to the lay to rest bond and identicalness. Nothing can halt the droop. The Bible really compares it to striving of mother injury in bid to provide Birth. The body fluid shed, the alienated stipulate of earth, sun, star system, the distant space, Global warming and accrued colloquial catastrophes Etc., are firm signs and a ring to for grouping to waken up to the Truth of Nature and its Oneness

This fourth estate relief is released with the longest curiosity of transportation awareness of interrelatedness and indistinguishability of quality to origin wakening of quality cognitive state and wits specified that awakened single and the social group takes guard of his abode. The media is submissively requested to income the concern to the global for evaluation.



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